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In a time where the ATM is common, kiosks offer the opportunity to add even more value to your branch

Kiosk technology is initiated with the ATM, which provide an easy way for customers to have an access to their cash credit without taking place in the queue. Self – service in banks is way ahead of using only ATM – more and more banks find how kiosks are helping and making the whole service better for customers.


•  Online banking
•  24/7 self service zones
•  Queue management system
•  Sales and information kiosks
•  Financial and real estate offers
•  Loan Calculator
•  Information kiosks with account statement printer
•  Interactive consultations
•  Financial recommendations
•  Stock exchange information

In a tense situation, where customers often have to finish important transactions in a few minutes, kiosks are capable of ensuring an effective service while the consultants are able to make deals with other clients of their own that are much more a big shot. That means the service will be completely improved for all customers and the drains will be cut away.


•  Improvement of your brand´s image
•  Increase of business volume with higher customer loyalty
•  Increasing of the entire productivity
•  Extra value of online banking
•  Added communication channel between the bank and its client
•  Increasing the profit by informing customers about available products and offers

Other applications:

Shopping Mall and Retail




Museums and libraries

Expositions and fairs



Hotels and restaurants

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