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Kiosk Bulgaria LTD is one of few Bulgarian companies which is a deliverer of computer terminals for public access to information and Internet, i.e. kiosks. In developed countries the kiosks are already operate part of most public and social buildings like airports, train stations, schools, hospitals, trade centers, banks, hotels and etc. Kiosks terminals are equipped with specialized software about easy navigation streams of people in public buildings. They secure the buildings for free Internet access and other applications. In Bulgaria cognoscibility about kiosk terminals is lower yet, but provide for priority and potentiality they secure replace a lot of information points near a few years they will get on and here in Bulgaria.

In Kiosk Bulgaria works experienced specialists proved that Bulgarian companies works in high level and achieves standards of technological developed countries. The beginning was in 2000 year – PC trade, components and specialized software, until 2009 - when a capacity of nine trade targets in different Bulgarian towns was achieved.
From 2008 to 2011 were developed several models of kiosks in full compliance with a number of internationally recognized standards, and in 2012 KIOSKY became the main trademark of Kiosk Bulgaria Ltd.
Our mission
Hold on purpose about progress of our company in short and long-term plan to gain good cognoscibility about kiosk terminals in Bulgaria by full consultancy and loyal sales.
Our objects
• Introduction to the consumers in public institutions, trade organizations and etc. with our work provided necessary from high level technologies

• To be about our clients not just an executor of their orders but а trusty consultant and long term partner because we know that the satisfied client is the best advertising

• Satisfy the market needs of kiosk terminals, before their search in Bulgaria

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