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Selfservice is the best way known for selling

Self-service is probably best known for its sales applications. Many kinds of business use widely all of opportunities the kiosks hold out, in exchange to receive an advantage of their investment as they increase the incomes from sales.

Popularity of making use of kiosks on the market is rising because of the fact the customers constantly become more and more grounded in the technologies and prefer kiosks rather than any other heralds of information.


•  Selfscanning terminals where customers will be able to check the actual cost of a product
•  Shows a list and a locality of all markets and products
•  Cash registers for self service where customers pay for products
•  Cards for the loyal customers
•  Produces the current promotions by digital advertising
•  Interactive catalogue of the products
•  Interactive offers to hold the customers attention

Selfservice can increase the incomes by cutting down the drains for staff and dropping away the saddle of them, too; to shorten the customers wait for a turn and serving them in an awkward time. Kiosks are also up to the requirements of the customers by the ability of selfserving quick and easy as giving them the chance of buying what they want at any time.


•  Increase of sales volume by increasing the variety of advertisement and information channels
•  Opportunity to keep the customers' interest by ensuring supply and demand
•  Increase the innovative image of the shop
•  Introduce a new medium to communicate with your customer
•  Avoid unnecessary printing costs by using a digital solution

Other applications:

Banking and Finance




Museums and libraries

Expositions and fairs



Hotels and restaurants

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